With over 2400 commercial credits under her career belt, Bobbie Mannix is well known within the industry as the “Queen of Commercials”. She books, preps, fits, wardrobes, and styles – on-time and on budget, having worked with such brands as Nike, Gatorade, Coca-Cola, AT&T, Nintendo and hundreds of other A-list brands as well. It’s not that Bobbie hasn’t forayed into the feature world; she has and loves it in fact! Her feature credits include working with stars such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and directors like Peter Bogdanovich and Walter Hill. Bobbie’s passion is the hustle and bustle whirlwind of the ever-evolving commercial business.

A veritable fireball of perpetual energy and creativity, Bobbie enjoys the challenges presented to her on the dozens of projects she takes on each year. Whether it is recreating the looks of the Old West or Ancient Egypt or capturing the constantly changing look of contemporary America, Bobbie’s attention to detail is unparalleled.

“I love creating something unprecedented. I am fueled by what I do and each time I hit the ground running on a project, I’m just as excited as the first time.”

Bobbie attended Philadelphia Museum College of Art, moved to New York and landed a job as a design assistant to the lateAnne Klein. She also worked as a talent agent before moving to Los Angeles.Blending her clothing design and her background as a talent agent, she began her career as a costume designer and stylist forTV commercials, eventually leading her to work in feature films as well as music videos.

All her hard work paid off when Bobbie was nominated for, and won, a CostumeDesigners Guild Award for her work on an epic 4-minute commercial for T-Online for the German market.

In addition to her work as one of the industry’s top costume designers, Bobbie is a personal shopper for a diverse clientele that includes celebrities and royalty. Despite the fact that she’s constantly working, she still craves more.